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Recommended Installation Method

1.Ensure the substrate is firm, consistent, clean and free from grease or oil.

2.Check the tile code, sizes and shade to ensure the correct tile.

3.Mark and chalk the working line according to the dimension of the room.

4.Apply the adhesive in accordance to the manufacturer’s instruction, spread adhesive by the notched edge of the trowel to create ridges.

5.Place the tile on the mortar and firmly press or gently hammer with rubber mallet continue to place the subsequent tiles beside every tile with spacers, working from the center of the chalked lines toward the walls.

6.Check the level of the tile and allow the tile to set for 24hours.Knock on the tile lightly; if hollow sounds is heard, debonding of mortar has occurred it must be taken out and replaced immediately.

7.After the tile were set, apply the grout into the spaces.

8.Wipe off excessive grout from the surface of the tile.

*During cleaning, do not apply high concentration acid mixture or alcalic mixture on the tile as it may damage the surface of the tile.

*Preparation of adhesive is important and must be in accordance to manufacturer’s instruction. Overly wet or dry adhesive will effect the bonding between the mortar and tile.


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